Elect Kathy Coffey • State Representative • District 14 • Position 1

“Thank you Representative Johnson – and thank you all for taking time out of your day to be here.  Today it pleases me to announce that I am a candidate to represent the 14th District in the Washington State House of Representatives.

My friend, Norm Johnson, has done a superb job of serving the people of this district for 10 years – and I should add that he has been a model public servant in a variety of positions for over 35 years.  Let’s show him our appreciation for his amazing service.

But as Norm steps down, it is time for me to step up.  Because, like Norm and Curtis and Charles and all the other elected officials here today, I love where I live.  I was born and raised here.  My family is still rooted here and I want to do my part to help us grow and succeed and become an even better place to live.

Why me?  Why should I try to fill Norm Johnson’s shoes?  Because I have a unique set of experiences that qualify me to do this work.  I spent years in the private sector.  I was President/CEO of the Yakima Valley Visitors & Convention Bureau and General Manager of the Convention Center for 19 years.  I have invested the last ten and a half years as a member of the Yakima City Council and currently am in my second term as Mayor.

That background has made me keenly aware of the value of economic growth.  Because that drives all aspects of healthy, vibrant communities.  So, economic growth sits at the top of my priority list.

Public safety sits right alongside it.  The first job of government is always to keep its citizens safe.  As Mayor of the city of Yakima, I am very familiar with the challenges to public safety.  However, economic growth, and the funding that comes from it, provides communities with opportunities to more effectively deal with public safety issues.

Taking care of the most vulnerable should always be an area of focus for us.  Especially our youth that are underserved or homeless.  The essential services now enjoyed by our elderly and citizens with special needs must also be preserved.

I will be honest here, I am not yet familiar with all four corners of the 14th District.  But I will work hard to learn about each community.  With Yakima, Klickitat, Skamania and a chunk of Clark County to cover, it might take me a little time – but be patient I will get to know you.

I do know this – we all share the desire to grow and succeed, to keep our families safe and to look out for the most vulnerable among us.

I am excited to take on this new challenge.  And I am ready to put my skills and passion to work for the good people of the 14th District.

Thank you so much.”