Elect Kathy Coffey • State Representative • District 14 • Position 1


Vote for Kathy Coffey

Yakima Herald-Republic • June 27, 2018

To the editor — I am supporting Kathy Coffey’s campaign for the 14th District House of Representatives.

Kathy has spent most of her working career in public service and has demonstrated her abilities as a proven leader. She cares deeply about the people she serves and works hard to support their needs.

I spent eight years working with Kathy on the Yakima City Council. She is honest and is always willing to listen to find common ground whenever possible. I have no doubt she will bring those attributes to Olympia and represent us well.

Coffey won’t waffle in Legislature

Yakima Herald-Republic • July 15, 2018

To the editor — I’ve enjoyed working with Kathy Coffey on various projects over the last 15 years. Voters can rely on her unflinchingly honest opinion and clear, concise direction. If she believes in it, she will not waffle — despite political pressure.

Coffey exemplifies the kind of mettle we need in our state’s Legislature.

Vote for Kathy Coffey

Yakima Herald-Republic • June 27, 2018

To the editor — Kathy Coffey has served her community for decades.

For 19 years, she was director of the local tourism agency and oversaw the day-to-day management of the Yakima Convention Center, which she expanded twice.

After retiring from that job, Kathy was elected to a seat on the Yakima City Council. She is now serving her third term and was chosen by her fellow council members to serve as mayor, a position she is currently holding.

Kathy’s life has always been about service to her community. I am privileged to support her as our next state legislator.

Kathy Coffey’s experience is the difference

Yakima Herald-Republic • July 17, 2018

To the editor — In the 25 years that I have known Kathy Coffey, I have watched her grow into a responsible and thoughtful community leader. She is passionate about the city she serves and committed to doing her best for all its citizens. She takes her responsibility and commitment seriously. She studies all issues carefully, but is also open to different points of view.

Kathy has taken our City Council through some difficult times, ably illustrating her leadership skills. She has the courage of her convictions, and is not afraid to speak her mind — a necessary trait in a time of serious issues. She is also blessed with street smarts and broad shoulders for use when necessary. Kathy is a person of utmost integrity who will give her all to this new position.

Her experience has prepared Kathy for this much bigger job, and I believe she’ll do it well. She’ll arrive in Olympia ready to work — no training wheels necessary. Please join me in voting for Kathy Coffey, the only candidate with the experience to represent us in Olympia.

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